Anba Wanas was a martyr of the city of El-Luxor Upper Egypt. He was the only son of a poor christian family. Anba Wanas was ordained a deacon and named Youanis, so he was brought up in the fear of God, reading the Holy bible, fasting, praying, regularly attending the holy mass, reading the saints stories, and living in a pure and holy way. Our saint loved the poor people and used to help them regularly, he also used to make the holy bread for the raising of incense at church, and he would live on the church bread during the week. He also witnessed the tortures of the Christians who had been martyred, then he saw in a vision that he would receive the crown of martyrdom, for his love to the King Christ so he traveled to the city of El-Luxor and asked the bishop about the vision he had seen, and also told the Bishop to take his body and bury it at El-Luxor. Soon afterwards a roman governor came to the city to torture the Christians, and he also heard of Anba Wanas encouraging the Christians so he arrested him and tortured him but our saint remained firm and confessed his Christianity, so they increased the tortures but our saint was thankful to the Lord for being worthy to suffer for the King Jesus. So they beheaded him on Saturday the 16th of the Coptic month of Hatur, in the beginning of the 4th Century. After his martyrdom a group of faithful Christians found his body and brought it to the bishop later on they returned and found his head under a date tree, and he was finally buried in the city El-Luxor. His burial place has become a shrine to many Christians who travel on Pilgrimage in hope of receiving his blessings. He has appeared to many Christians in their sleep as a small boy dressed as a deacon for he was martyred at 12 years of age. Many miracles have occurred through the prayers and intercessions of this great saint and martyr till this day.